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News:: We're giving away an Amplifi HD home WiFi system

Routers are kind of an overlooked part of most of our day-to-day activities. You set it up, the magic internet signal fills the air, and then you're online. Routers only get attention when they aren't doing their job.

Ubiquiti has a more unique and high-end solution to wireless networking. It created the AmpliFi HD home WiFi system -- a slick package of a router base and two antennas that extends wireless coverage in homes that have dead spots. Here's what it looks like:

We're giving away an Amplifi HD home WiFi system screenshot


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News:: New Twitch tools help you become a pro streamer

Many Twitch streamers dream of turning pro, but getting there is a fuzzy process. How do you know you've 'made it' and can apply to become an affiliate or partner? And how do you make a big deal out of staple events like channel raids and new viewers without using special tools? Twitch just answered both of those questions. It's rolling out tools that not only track your progress toward getting paid, but streamline some of the tasks that previously required chat bots or outside streaming software.

Source: Twitch (Medium)

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News:: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade machine coming soon

Anyone of a certain age remembers playing Konami's 1989 TMNT coin-op. Hell, there's still one operable just 10 minutes from my house. Even those they may not have experienced it in the glorious arcade centres of the 90's likely played the SNES Turtles in Time game, or the Xbox Live Arcade adaptation.

Well, get your quarters ready because, believe it or not, a brand new TMNT cabinet will be returning to your local arcade... umm... or wherever arcade cabinets are found these days, real soon.

Developed by Raw Thrills, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an all-new scrolling brawler based on the current iteration of the Turtles franchise, showcased on Nickelodeon TV. It will feature fast-paced four-player action, but promises more depth than brawlers of yore, with an emphasis on environmental attacks, team-up moves, special powers and full voiceover from the show's original cast.

The monster cabinet boasts a 55-inch HD screen and what seems to be a three-button control system. The game will be unveiled at the IAAPA 2017 convention in Orlando, a trade show for amusements and theme park attractions. Here's hoping it isn't completely terrible and sees reasonable financial success, perhaps leading to further arcade designers stroking their chins and picking up their pencils once more.

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade [Arcade Heroes]

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade machine coming soon screenshot


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News:: Review: Overgrowth

Lately, I've had a bit of a rabbit problem in my backyard, the little buggers have dug out a nest under my shed. So I decided the best way to approach this situation is to first think like a rabbit. Thankfully, with the release of Overgrowth from Wolfire Games, I now have that opportunity. But, what I've learned in my time spent with Overgrowth this past week, is that once rabbits evolve and become bipedal, they become the true masters of horror.

These terrifying creatures will kill anything in sight, including other bipedal creatures, without compassion. To do this, they'll use crude and basic tools, such as knives and swords, they'll jump incredible distances, and have the ability to climb almost any structure. From my observations in this game, I've come to the conclusion that we need to deal with the rabbit problem now -- before it's too late.

Review: Overgrowth screenshot


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News:: The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. We'll recap this week's news highlights, plus big stories from Friday like Project Loon-distributed internet going live in Puerto Rico.

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News:: Bungie explains what a season is in Destiny 2

Ever since the day Destiny 2 launched, there have been hints of seasonal content here and there. Scrolling to the clan tab shows off your current clan rank, as well as the associated rewards for the current season. Bungie is at Twitchcon this weekend and its panel on Friday was all about the plans for how its loot-shooter will evolve over time.

The big takeaway message for how Bungie is treating seasons is that it wants to be more consistent in its delivery of new content. Destiny 1 saw an unpredictable smattering of live events, like how the Valentine's-themed Crimson Days showed up in February of 2016 but was absent this year, or how Sparrow Racing League showed up out of nowhere in December of 2015 but evolved into the much more substantial Dawning the following year.

For Destiny 2, the team wants to release new content on a roughly quarterly basis. We're in season one right now, but the stream showed a lot of what to expect when season two hits in a couple months.

Bungie explains what a season is in Destiny 2 screenshot


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Friday, October 20, 2017

News:: There's a wrestling match at Twitch Con streaming right now

Watch live video from Twitch on

What is even going on here? This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.



[Disclaimer: Everyone that's ever worked in the video game industry has worked at Destructoid.]

There's a wrestling match at Twitch Con streaming right now screenshot

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News:: Comments of the Week 21: Drunken Robot

Hello again! It's time for your mandatory Comments of the Week session where everyone is required to spend time with me, Gmana. Yes, it's really me this time. I had to redo my office a little bit after someone trashed it and tarnished my name even more than it already had been.

We're up to 21 entries now, which means that Mr. Cothew is now legally allowed to drink in the US. We had a drunk theme last week? Honestly, every week is a drunk week for us. How else would we be able to deal with all of these awful comments and think they're funny?

Let's go!

Comments of the Week 21: Drunken Robot screenshot


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News:: Razer’s new webcam and microphone are made for streamers

Razer is known as a gaming laptop, mouse and keyboard maker, but it actually offers a wide variety of products, like Xbox controllers, power banks, and even an upcoming phone. Razer also makes webcams like the Stargazer, which is built for streaming video games. Now Razer is upping its streaming game with two new "streamer certified" peripherals, a webcam with a built-in ring light called Kiyo as well as a USB condenser mic named Seiren X.

Via: The Verge

Source: Razer

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News:: Bloggers Wanted: Overcoming Fear

We’ve all been there. A game presents us with a moment or situation that fills us with dread.  It could be the inexorable approach of a supernatural menace or looking down from the top of an impossibly tall building. Games will play on your fears and push you. But how do you overcome and prevail?

Bloggers Wanted: Overcoming Fear screenshot


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News:: Limited Run is getting into Nintendo Switch publishing

Nintendo Switch-owning game collectors will have even more feeds to keep their eye on next year. Limited Run has come out with some cool limited-edition physical copies of digitally-distributed PS4 and Vita games and, starting in 2018, the company will be set up to publish Switch titles as well.

So, that's a cool thing for folks who are good about getting their orders in fast. I'm impressively unlucky when it comes to that stuff, whether it's tickets to a show, sought-after posters, you name it.

This Switch announcement also prompted questions about Xbox One publishing. Sadly, that's looking like a no-go for Limited Run. "Microsoft's minimum order quantities are too high, unless they drop them drastically it's not likely we can hit the platform," the company said. "It's also keeping companies like [NIS America] off the platform. We'd love to help preserve digital games on disc for Xbox One."

Limited Run Games [Twitter]

Limited Run is getting into Nintendo Switch publishing screenshot

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News:: It's a good time to be a fan of Star Control

There has been a surprising amount of Star Control news lately and it's good news, at that.

If you missed it, the original creators of Star Control II -- Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III, whose studio Toys for Bob has understandably kept busy with the Skylanders franchise in recent years -- have drawn up plans and gotten approval for a "direct sequel" to the 1992 sci-fi game. This new project, Ghosts of the Precursors, will be a "passion project" developed on their "own time." Here's where they're at:

"We are early, early in development, but rest assured, the game will include genuine Ur-Quan, Precursors, Super-Melee, Umgah, VUX, Supox, THE ULTRON!, Druuge, Arilou Lalee'lay, Orz, Androsynth, Rainbow Worlds,  Ilwrath, Syreen, Mmrnmhrm, Yehat, Shofixti, Spathi (including the ever-terrified Fwiffo), Umgah, Melmorme, Chmmr, Earthlings, Mycon, THE MARK II!, Slylandro, Utwig, Thraddash, Zoq-Fot-Pik, VUX Beast, Pkunk, the Keel-Verezy, and of course all new alien races to discover, befriend ...and/or be annigilate... I mean annihigate.. Damn! Well, you get the idea."

"For four years, people asked me why we weren't going to touch the Star Control 2 story," Stardock CEO Brad Wardell wrote following the Ghosts of the Precursors news going public. "Now you know."

In the mean time, there's Stardock's own Star Control: Origins. The space-adventure game is slated for 2018, with a "Super-Melee" closed beta arriving next month for folks who pre-order. Here, you'll be able to toy around with the Ship Crafter and compete against the AI or others in unranked multiplayer.

There's also a bundle with Origins and the original three Star Control games. That has popped up on, Steam, and Stardock, and the old games are available separately if you prefer.

Star Control: Origins Pre-Orders Begin Today [Star Control]

It's a good time to be a fan of Star Control screenshot

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News:: Destiny 2 is skipping Trials of the Nine for two weeks

If you're the type of Destiny 2 player who gets way into Trials of the Nine, it's time for me to play my part as the bearer of bad news. The PvP event will be absent from the game this weekend and next, and the earliest we'll be able to participate again is November 3, 2017, according to Bungie.

This postponement is the direct result of an emote glitch that has enabled players to reach otherwise-inaccessible areas. It's one thing to glitch your way through walls in a social space or in a PvE setting, but when it comes to competitive multiplayer, yeah, that's going to be a huge problem.

For its part, Bungie says it's "investigating a fix" right now that should be ready during the first week of November. The studio also shared its launch-window event calendar for Destiny 2 on PC:

On that note, one final reminder: the PC version will go live at 10:00am Pacific on Tuesday.

I'm glad I got my first -- and so far only! -- Trials win last weekend.

This Week At Bungie –10/19/2017 [Bungie]

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News:: Didn't get a Super Nintendo Mini? Win one from Destructoid

Last week I woke up at the crack of dawn to grab an extra Super Nintendo Classic to give away on Destructoid and, sure enough, I was met with a line of people at every location I went to -- and few shy about their intent to list it on eBay the second they got home. While I have to hand it to these lanky youngsters for their enterprising attitudes, it royally fucks over the fan on a tight budget. Thus, this contest is for you.

Destructoid is giving away a very small Super Nintendo in 2017 in very high demand, a concept that still baffles the mind and puts a smile on my face. It's my favorite childhood system and I want more people to have them. I'll probably continue to give them away until the price returns to sanity.

How to enter: Just tell a friend about our humble blog and you're entered to win. If you're overseas we can't ship you one but you'll get the cash equivalent instead. If I'm lucky we'll also have the imported Super Famicom mini to give away as well next month, because Mystical Ninja was a criminal omission. No purchase necessary, see rules below for more details. The winner will be randomly drawn by the Gleam widget below. Good luck!

Didn't get a Super Nintendo Mini? Win one from Destructoid screenshot


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News:: The cold, the malnourished, the cannibal: surviving in Frostpunk

On the very first day, on my very first decision, I sent the children to work. "It's only the 'safe' jobs" I told myself - the cookhouses, to prepare food. The gathering piles, to pick up bits of coal, wood, and steel. "It's for the greater good" I told myself.

Less than a day later, I enacted a law watering down people's filling meals into a thin, watery gruel. The people wouldn't be well-fed, but they would have food. "It's for the greater good" I told them all.

How far are you willing to go to ensure the survival of your people? How far is too far? What will be left of you, and those around you, when it's all said and done? These are the questions Frostpunk demands of us. Demanded of me.

My people would survive this experience, but I'm not sure they lived.

The cold, the malnourished, the cannibal: surviving in Frostpunk screenshot


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News:: Here's a good look at how the Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 girls fit into Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash may not be the best game in the Senran Kagura series, but it is one of the better spin-off titles. And like the rest of the series, its guest character DLC is now available for purchase. 

Honoka, Ayane, and Marie Rose from the Dead or Alive series, Xtreme 3 specifically, totally gel with Senran Kagura's anime style by the looks of it. You can douse them with all sorts of suspicious liquids for $5.99 each (as each one comes bundled with a doll and flag) or all three for $14.99.

There's also a $25.99 complete option with additional costumes if that's your prerogative. 

Here's a good look at how the Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 girls fit into Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash screenshot

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News:: Review: The Jackbox Party Pack 4

I'm not sure how to classify the games Jackbox has been putting out for the past few years, but the company sort of invented a new genre. The Party Packs' casual games turn any device with a touchscreen and an internet connection into a controller, so the barrier to entry is nearly nonexistent. They're great to play even with friends or family who don't consider themselves gamers, and the experience is usually fun enough people are willing to come back again and again.

Last year, The Jackbox Party Pack 3 was one of my favorite releases. I wrote way too much about the game, justifying it to myself by reasoning that I was really doing five reviews all at once. I promised Chris I wouldn't do that this time, so let's get to it.

Review: The Jackbox Party Pack 4 screenshot


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News:: Here are your most requested features for the Nintendo Switch

This week the Switch got its 4.0 update, which added the power to take video clips. But naturally, there's some caveats.

Said clips need to be 30 seconds, and only a handful of first-party games support the feature. So it's not really a hardware-wide rollout, but rather a Nintendo-centric extra for certain titles. In light of all that, our readers took the time to tell us what features they'd like to come to Switch the most, and there are a few that are pretty well agreed upon.

Here are your most requested features for the Nintendo Switch screenshot


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News:: Beef, booze, and bikes: How Supercross the game made me a fan of Supercross the sport

The club level of Findlay Toyota Tower at Sam Boyd Stadium is nearly empty when I arrive Friday afternoon. Hours earlier it was bustling, I must imagine, with Supercross riders, Milestone S.r.l. team members, members of the press and public relations staff for the press conference announcing Monster Energy Supercross – The Videogame. While this is happening, I'm stuck at San Francisco International Airport. Strong winds push smoke from the fires that devastated the North Bay towards the airport, prompting cancellations of several flights including mine.

When I do arrive in Las Vegas, my first time in the city, and move my way past the sad slot machines that dot the airport terminal, I question why I am there. I have no interest in Supercross or Motocross or any motor racing sport. My sole experience with dirtbike racing was roughly 20 years ago. A neighbor kid had just got one and my brother and I were invited over to watch him ride. He let us try it out as well. I don’t really remember getting on the bike or riding it, but distinctly recall crying my eyes out on his couch with blood pouring out of my mouth after I drove straight into their wire fence without a helmet on. Outside of the various Excitebike games I’ve played over the years, it was my only dalliance with a sport I was being sent to Vegas to cover.

A $20 Lyft ride later I am at the stadium. The food and most of the press are gone. A few of the Supercross riders remain to answer questions and play the game for promotional b-roll. Tara, the lovely PR representative whose infectious laughter will ring through the entirety of my trip, quickly grabs me a bottle of water and sets me up in front of one of the several flat screens playing the game. If I thought it looked great in its trailer, it is stunning to see in person. Monster Energy Supercross is the second game from Milestone to use the Unreal 4 engine and it puts it to good use.

My first track, appropriately the Las Vegas course from the 2017 Supercross season, is in the middle of a torrential downpour. The wetness of the mud looks true-to-life and the bikes and riders look absolutely amazing. I know it’s no surprise that a racing game looks damn good, most of them these days do, but in my naivety, I didn’t expect this much polish from a developer I had to Google before my plane took off.

Beef, booze, and bikes: How Supercross the game made me a fan of Supercross the sport screenshot


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News:: Shin Megami Tensei HD project will be streamed on YouTube next week

Atlus have announced on Twitter that the next Shin Megami Tensei project, officially announced earlier this year at E3, will be fully disclosed via a live stream on YouTube this coming Monday.

The project is shrouded in mystery, with eager fans whispering in excited tones as to whether it's a sequel, a remake, or some third thing. But you'll have to tune into the Japanese broadcast to find out, going live on YouTube October 23 at 21:00 JST. That's 13:00 BST, or a bleary-eyed 05:00 PT.

Once live, the stream can be watched at the channel below. What are you hoping for?

Shin Megami Tensei HD project will be streamed on YouTube next week screenshot


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News:: Super Meat Boy hits Switch digitally this year, physically next year

Team Meat is still trucking along even if it doesn't have all of its same founding members, and that naturally includes more ports of Super Meat Boy.

By way of Twitter, the company announced that the platforming classic would hit Switch later this year by way of the eShop, but they'll also be dabbling in a physical release (just like Isaac) sometime next year. It's not set in stone as the phrase "likely" was involved, but at the very least it probably won't come this year.

I think the portability of the Switch is enticing me to pick up a lot of indie ports that don't otherwise arrive on the 3DS. While I wouldn't necessarily double-dip for an identical PS4/Xbox One version, I like the power to take the Switch on the go and pop out the Joy-Con for multiplayer with my wife whenever I feel like it.

Team Meat [Twitter]

Super Meat Boy hits Switch digitally this year, physically next year screenshot

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News:: BBC documentary, featuring Bungie's Destiny 2 development, to be broadcast online tomorrow

A documentary going behind the scenes at the Bungie studios, shot during the making of space opera Destiny 2, is to be screened by the BBC Saturday October 21.

The feature, titled "Making Destiny 2 and beyond" was shot at Bungie's Seattle office, as the BBC interviewed company co-founder Jason Jones. Jones seems quite candid about his thoughts on the original Destiny and the fan reaction to it, stating that the community "expected better" from the title.

The documentary will look at many aspects of Destiny 2's development, from control, to narrative, to music, and speak with some of Bungie's 700 strong staff about lessons learned, decisions made going into the sci-fi sequel, and even desires and dreams for the company's future.

"Every time you do a new thing to surprise and delight people you risk being ignored," continues Jones. "So you could make your hand very tired writing down all the risks going into a new game project, but unless you're taking risks then you're not going to do something people care about."

"Making Destiny 2 and beyond" can be watched tomorrow on BBC Click. There is currently no specific time listing for the broadcast.

BBC documentary, featuring Bungie's Destiny 2 development, to be broadcast online tomorrow screenshot

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News:: Review: ELEX

Think of candidates for the platonic ideal of what you might call a “B-game,” or a “Cult game,” or any number of pop-cultural terms we have for a credible work whose flaws and foibles undermine its chances at wider success, and you’ll likely find a Piranha Bytes title somewhere on the shortlist.

Ironically, it actually takes wider recognition for cult status to feel genuinely earned, and despite nearly two decades of attempts, Piranha Bytes continues to stand in the long shadow cast by its more popular competitors. 

That brings us to the big question: Whether or not ELEX, their latest work, can bring them that recognition.

Review: ELEX screenshot


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News:: Nintendo Switch now supports wireless USB headphones

Turns out Nintendo rolled out another pretty useful feature with Switch OS version 4.0.0 but curiously kept it a secret. Some Reddit users have discovered that the update comes with support for USB devices, even wireless USB headsets like Sony's Gold Wireless headset for PlayStation and PC. You simply have to plug the device's dongle into the Switch dock, and you'll notice a new volume slider for it. The feature supports a variety of other USB headphones, so you're not limited to the PS Gold. However, it only works when the Switch is docked.

Source: Reddit, Neogaf

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News:: Warriors, Cavaliers owners buy into 'League of Legends' series

As eSports has grown into the arena-filling behemoth it is today, traditional sports has been clamouring for a stake. Talent has been snapped up, tournaments established, and multi-million dollar investments made. The trend looks set to continue with news that two of the NBA's biggest rivals are jumping on the competitive gaming bandwagon. ESPN is reporting that the Cleveland Cavaliers have nabbed a spot in the North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).

Source: ESPN (1), (2), New York Yankees (Twitter)

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News:: The Morning After: Friday, October 20th 2017

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Good morning! Lyft got a big boost from Alphabet, and we're ready to help you find a great phone for cheap, or figure out if you need a GoPro Hero 6.

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News:: Overwatch comic tapestry creeps out for Halloween

Last year, Overwatch celebrated Halloween with a tie-in issue of its free digital comic, wherein Reinhardt regaled the crew with a creepy fireside tale of malevolent scientist Dr. Jameson Junkstein and his monstrous creation.

This year, in alignment with the arena-shooter's ongoing Halloween Terror event, Blizzard have put out a single large tapestry, which itself is a prelude to the game's endless defence mode, Junkenstein's Revenge. The new comic speaks of the wicked doctor's fall from power, only to be replaced by an even bigger, even deadlier threat...

Super Adorable Witch Mercy.

The tapestry (which can be found here) is a brief 30-second read, but does feature some cool art, I especially love the shot of the heroes in their Halloween gear, readying for battle against the witch's army coming to beat down the castle door. The in-game endless mode itself is very good, but you really need a fully competent team of players, sporting well-matched heroes, if you hope to defy the odds.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event runs until November 1.

Overwatch comic tapestry creeps out for Halloween screenshot

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News:: In case you didn't realize, Snipperclips is getting a 'Plus' expansion very soon

When people asked me what to get when the Switch first launched, I usually told them "Snipperclips," immediately. "No Zelda?" they said. Well, I kind of assumed you were getting Zelda already, but a lot of people had never even heard of the wonderful new Snipperclips IP, which wormed its way into my heart with adorable co-op.

Since then it's sort of been buried on the Switch eShop, but it'll get some new play once the expansion drops next month. It's called "Snipperclips Plus," and will add in 30 stages as well as some remixing. It'll be accompanied by a new full "base and Plus" SKU, as well as an upgrade option for existing owners.

The below Plus trailer shows off some of the new content as well as the gist of the base edition, and I strongly suggest puzzle enthusiasts give it a watch!

In case you didn't realize, Snipperclips is getting a 'Plus' expansion very soon screenshot


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